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tv   ABC 7 Morning News  ABC  April 8, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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880 in san jose where an overnight hailstorm may have played a role in injuring a chp officer. he is in the hospital. the story coming up in a live report. >> good morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s and cold rain around parts of the bay area. >> we have a new developing hot spot with injuries reported. westbound 580, i'll have details coming up. >> i'm amy hollyfield live at at&t park. the world series champions are coming home today. we'll have a preview of the san francisco giants home opener up next. >> good friday morning. time for baseball. 6:00 a.m., i'm eric thomas. >> kristen: and i'm kristen sze. we want to start with wild overnight weather. it may have contributed to a crash in the south bay that sent a chp to the hospital and for a while shut down a business stretch of 880 in san jose.
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terry mcsweeney is live. >> reporter: here we are still cold and you can see the steam on my breath. this stretch shut down for about two hours this morning. everything is back to normal right now, but the accident that shut it down happened during this hailstorm. take a look at exactly what happened. a black pickup truck that pulled off to the side of the road. we believe it had a flat tire. this was near the stevens creek exit northbound 880. chp officer gets oust his vehicle when a white car came along and hit the officer. the driver of the white car arrested. we don't have the exact charge for that driver. that all happened around a hailstorm. >> another vehicle came from the slow lane and struck the officer and knocked him down.
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he is at the hospital being treated right now. >> reporter: we don't have confirmation that the storm played a role in the accident. timing is curious, a severe burst of hail around 2:00 a.m. and the crash right around that same time. still hail out here. you can see it on the road. still plenty cold. roads are clear and at the time of the accident there was ice out there. then we had another hailstorm around 4:15 as we pulled up on the scene. since then, nothing but maybe we get some more. for qees like that, i turn to lisa argen for answers. >> confirming the wet weather out there. particularly here in the south bay. be careful from highway 101 down through campbell. sunnyvale and mountain view looking at wet weather. in the hills we have the
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rain-snow mix. temperatures are in the os about thousand feet. lower 40s elsewhere. the dumbarton bridge down through redwood city, san carlos wet weather pushing into the east bay, as well. light shower activity and some of it is heavy. be careful out there. maybe a good idea to take bart. >> expecting trouble in the south bay but not the case right now. bart just reported ten minute delays on the daly city line in both directions. look out for that if you are catching bart. and injury crash, westbound 580 at eden canyon road, spinout blocking the left lane. no major slowing develop. another accident developing in san francisco, at park presidio boulevard, two lanes are blocked. only the left lane open as you make your way through the city.
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>> eric: thank you very much. it's 6:04 and hail isn't the only problem that came with the storm system. yesterday solano county had to deal with a tornado. twister touched down a little bit before 4:00 yesterday just outside fairfield. it blew down fences and tree limbs and damaged rooftops. locals say it was scary. >> it was fast. customers start running and one of my customers because the wind was so hard. >> eric: drivers on 80 around fairfield got hammered by nickel-sized hail. >> at&t park will open the gates to the first home game for the world champions.
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fans have a lot to celebrate and already arriving. amy hollyfield joins us live from the park. >> reporter: today the fans get to see the world series championship banner, they'll raise it up before the game. expect this place to explode when that happens. they've called the fans their family. the fans are bursting with excitement today. one couple drove from yesterday. they got the wake-up call at 3:30 this morning so they could sit out here. they say they wanted to be here and soak it all in. >> i don't know, it was crazy. we just love opening day. we've been here several times before. there something like it. -- there is nothing like it. >> look what i have right next
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to me, the trophy. a perfect place to put this during the home opener? >> we do. it will be up on the view level and for all the fans to see and we'll have it so people come by and have their picture taken with it. >> people are very excited. how do you plan a home opener for world series champions. >> we all come together. how do we let this happen in october and november. we think it's going to be a very special day. we have people singing today and unfurl the banner. it should be an exciting day for everyone. >> thank you for joining us. the fans are so excited. it will be a perfect day no matter what. the game starts at 1:35 but
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gates open at 10:35 and they would like you in place by 12:45. >> kristen: thank you so much. there will be a new focus on security at the ballpark after bryan stow was nearly beaten to death at dodger stadium. police will be in stadium and parking lot and surrounding areas. giant fans are appalled and angered by the attack on stow. the fans we spoke to any further violence is pointedless. >> they do something to somebody it won't be somebody related to that person. it won't be that person. >> giant officials say the atmosphere will be that of a safe place when the dodgers play at at&t park starting monday. >> fans can report any problems they see by texting 8099 on their cell phone and security
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will respond. >> eric: this morning, million homes have no electricity and three people have died in the wake of yesterday's magnitude 7.1 aftershock in japan. here is what it looked like when that aftershock hit the battered north east section of the country. it was the strongest aftershock since march 11th when a huge quake and tsunami hit the region. this morning, the crippled nuclear power plant did not suffer any new damage but slightly radioactive water spilled at another nuclear planted. here in the bay area, a small earthquake hit parts of contra costa last night. the quake struck six miles northwest of antioch and no reports of any damage done. >> kristen: they have now approved new legislation to allow hospitals to make seismic
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upgrades. the bill passed yesterday. it will allow them to apply for a is seven year extension. opponents say they can think about ability to withstand major earthquakes. the bill now goes to governor brown. >> toyota announced overnight it will resume production of all japanese plants starting a week from monday. all production was hauled late last month after the devastating 9.0 quake we've been telling you about. production will start back up, the plants will only on operate at half capacity because of pipe shortages. toyota officials don't know when the company will return to full production. it's been quite a year for toyota. >> quite a 24 hours in the weather department. >> we all jammed it in to yesterday. live doppler 7 hd shows some moisture. in the south bay and even into
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the east bay. we're looking at showers, cold rain from 280, 101, belmont, san mateo, woodside and higher elevations looking at the snow on either side of 101, gilroy, morgan hill to the east of you but we are looking at slowly to sink to the south this morning. still the risk of some icy roads the black ice out there with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. you'll need a jacket this morning. 42 in redwood city. temperatures remaining on the cool side but winds will not be as gusty. still breezy and a few locations getting up to near 60 but mainly in the upper 50s today. highs tomorrow in the mid-60s. upper 60s on sunday. north bay clouds on monday but still warming into next week. it is friday light. ten minute bart delay on the daly city line.
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a stall has been reported on the upper deck but i don't think we'll see a big impact. traffic only backed up to the end of the parking lot. san mateo bridge has been fine. no trouble and no wind advisory this morning. if you are heading toward the golden gate bridge, expect a light commute. as you make your way into san francisco, there is an accident on park presidio boulevard right as you enter golden gate park. >> eric: 6:11 is the time. >> kristen: can it be avoided? last minute maneuvering meant for a government shut down. >> and a deal that could make google one of theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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good morning, 6:15 on this friday. today is the home opener for a our world champion san francisco giants right here at at&t park. they'll play at 1:30 against the st. louis cardinals. doing a little rallying cheer there. i know. you want the giants. >> eric: you get the cardinals in your blood, it's hard to get it out. >> it's going to be crazy weather. everything will have calmed by then. >> i'll check on getting a transfusion. >> white house negotiators said they worked all night to avoid a government shutdown at midnight
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tonight. while all sides say they are seeing project there is no deal. president obama held a light night meeting. second gathering of the day to work out big differences in a plan to cut government spending. if a shutdown happens, some 800,000 federal workers will be out of work. national parks will close. military troops will not get their paychecks and irs refund checks would be halted. however, direct deposit refunds may continue. >> state democrats are raising the prospect of closing some u.c. campuses as they move closer to solve the budget crisis with program cuts only. the first of several hearings on the all cuts option to balance the budget starting next week. meanwhile, jerry brown travels to southern cal to begin a tour at pressuring republicans to allow voters on the issue. democrats say republicans are
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using scare tactics particulars. u.c. administrators say they are looking at shutting down some campuses rather than making system wide cuts and raising student fees. >> eric: has it moved out of the area yet? >> no, still the possibility of showers and rain-snow mix. it's really cold out there. take a look at the sutro camera. the clear sky, looks beautiful but numbers have dropped into the 30s in the north bay valleys. live doppler 7 hd shows the wet weather from san mateo, woodside mountain view. down south of san jose, looking at the rain-snow mix. east palo alto, definitely a little bit of moisture on the roadways and because it's so cold we could be looking at black ice so east in the hills here, this rotation is sinking to the south.
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as we get afternoon heating we'll see a little more in the way of warmth but not really the shower activity until later on today. 37 in half moon bay. 37 san rafael with 38 in santa rosa. 43 in fremont. highlights then, a chilly start. numbers as much as ten degrees colder in napa this morning. grab the jacket. we'll be slow to warm up today. isolated showers, san francisco on south and then we'll see a dry weekend with sunday the warmer day. the area of low pressure that brought the crazy weather yesterday. leftover showers this morning on the central coast. you can see the counterclockwise rotation. it will continue to sink south out of the bay area. once it does, high pressure will bring us more spring-like weather. more 50s than 60s and a little breezy later on today. not quite as windy. 58 in menlo park.
6:19 am
54 in pacifica with san francisco coming in at 57. you'll see a mix of clouds and sun but more clouds to start out. 60 in sonoma. you are coming a long way from the 30s this morning. 58 san leandro and out over the hills, definitely a cold start. 60 later on in danville and showers lingering throughout monterey today and morgan hill. highs here in the upper 50s. seven-day forecast, isolated shower then partly cloudy. upper 50s to low 60s. mid and upper 60s on sunday and maybe increasing clouds in the north bay overnight sunday into monday. bart reporting ten minute delays on the daly city line on both directions, new problem came in. >> this is going to affect drivers heading to the bay bridge. we have a live shot from the toll plaza, an injury accident has been reported on the upper deck. you can see traffic is very
6:20 am
heavy as you make your way toward treasure island. we have another live shot for you, this is roof camera looking out towards the upper deck of the bay bridge. just a few minutes ago we did see some flashing lights make its way off the bay bridge. i'm hoping there is a possibility they might have cleared this injury crash. if you want to consider the san mateo bridge that san option for you. bart also not a bad option but i mentioned 10 minute delay on the daly city line. a new small in the westbound direction and we'll keep an eye on this one. 280 and 17 interchange, this is where i thought we would see a problem because of the hail on the ground but no problems, no major problems in san jose.
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stay updated by going to our website at >> eric: it's just about 6:21. google gets the government permission to travel in the online travel business. they are trying to buy airfare search engine for $700 million. it would give them control over the software that powers the reservation systems of most major american airlines and comparison sites. google says users would get better results which would then allow the company to charge higher ad rates. rivals fear that they could use the service results up and their search results down. >> high fashion fight. the heart of the battle over the soles of their shoes. >> and small world gets bigger. new attraction coming to the amh@
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the kincaids live here.
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this morning, disney is breaking ground on the first ever disneyland in mainland china. it will be built in shanghai for $3.6 billion. they hope to draw chinese and provide a corner store for its brand. disney is the parent company of abc7. you can find out much more coming up on "good morning america." >> a high end shoemaker is suing a rival. women around the world associate red soles with christian
6:26 am
louboutin shoes. now, they have filed a lawsuit claiming unfairly copied its design. they seek unspecified damages. louboutin started making red soles 20 years ago after coloring them with red nail polish. >> and good news for thousands of caltrain problems. >> and issue that prevented oakland police from being able to talk to each other for hours yesterday. >> and a fine that pg&e says it may not pay. >> reporter: i'm terry mcsweeney live in san jose where there is still hail on the ground. there is still a chp officer in the hospital and two may be related. story coming up in a live report. >> good morning. a couple airport delays so far in denver and chicago. we've got wet weather and nation's mid section sliding into the northeast and snow returns to much of the west. locally, i'll have details on
6:27 am
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mmm. ahh. yeah. bacon. come celebrate bonalia! only at denny's. america's diner is always open. >> closed captioning brought to you by mancini sleepworld. 6:30 the bell has running on wall street. that is the new york stock exchange. jim calhoun, head coach of the university of connecticut men's basketball team. stocks are ready to bounce back but rising oil prices and possibility of a government shutdown. a shutdown would close nonessential government services we'll go live to the new york
6:31 am
stock exchange in about 15 minutes. >> an officer is hospitalized with a possible broken leg. he had stopped to help another driver that had crashed in icy conditions. terry mcsweeney is live near the scene at 880 and stevens creek boulevard. >> the traffic was, everything is back at normal bascom along northbound 880 was shut down for couple hours. everything back to normal. weather-wise, we have what remains of a down pour, a hailstorm that hit 2:00 this morning right around the time of the accident. take a look at what happened about that same time. a black pickup truck pulled over by the side of 880. it may have been because of a flat tire or a weather-related crash. chp officer did stop to help out
6:32 am
the person in the disabled car but a white car comes along and hits the officer. the officer gets out of his car, taken to the hospital, broken leg. the driver of a white car was arrested. chp spokesperson described it to us. >> another vehicle came to from the slow lane and struck the officer. the officer is at the hospital being treated right now. >> what the officer said the weather, it cape down in a torrent around 2:00 this morning. we pulled in around 4:00 this morning and was greeted by a second hailstorm. it may be hit and miss throughout the morning. i don't know for a fact but someone may know is lisa argen.
6:33 am
we still have showers around the south bay. take a look. live doppler 7 hd shows highway 85, 280 and wood decided a little bit on the wet side. some of these showers contain moderate rain and the air is so cold, some rain-snow mix. you'll notice the moisture is sinking south and another system that brought the wild system yesterday is to blame. that is heading out of the area. we'll see improving conditions throughout the day today. it's going to take a little while to warm up. details on that all coming up. we're still watching the bay bridge because of an accident report approaching treasure island blocking the left lane. traffic is so slow there. here is a live shot from the toll plaza. this time you can see it has backed up past west grand toward the 88 overcrossing.
6:34 am
they are still working on clearing the crash. you may want to consider the san mateo bridge but there was a smuald bread truck blocking a section there and chp is trying to clear it. you may want to consider bart, but there are 20 minute delays on the daly city line due to an earlier problem. >> eric: pg&e is now hinting it may refuse to pay stated regulators $3 million in fines for missing pipeline records unless questions in an upcoming hearing are limited. the company made the hint in papers filed this month with the california puc. pg&e says if the questioning isn't limited, they will seek due process of a fuel hearing which will likely run past the august due date for pg&e to hand over missing records on nearly a third of its network. this is all parts of the investigation into last
6:35 am
september's san bruno explosion. >> they are monitoring department communication system following signs of further trouble. dispatchers and officers had trouble communicating in the field. it was similar to problems that have cropped up in the past few months. this time it affected firefighter communication, as well. city technicians fixed the problems within two hours but police department used other means to dispatch calls. the board overseeing caltrain is putting off a decision on service cuts and fare hikes in hopes of preventing from happening at all. the agency wants to raise fares, charge more for parking, close three stations and eliminate rush hour baby bullet trains. at a meeting yesterday many riders voiced their opposition to the changes so the board agreed to look for other ways to
6:36 am
balance the budget saying if they can come up with $4 million more, the cuts may not be necessary. board members will look at the issue again in about two weeks. >> there is another red light controversy this time in daly city. a driver caught on camera got his citation dismissed after his lawyer claimed that the contract violates state la. law. daly city delegated responsibility for the signs that warn drivers to the company that makes an installs the cameras, but the state vehicle code requires cities to take sole responsibility for zbeg and maintaining those signs. >> anybody who gets one of these tickets in daly city from april 1st forward should be challenging the ticket vigorously. set the matter for trial and challenge it based on the contract. >> the city followed all of the requisite steps necessary to ensure we are in compliance and
6:37 am
redflex is in compliance with us. >> the city attorney says they believe they have all the evidence that they are in compliance. >> getting interesting spring weather. for the giants home opener. >> weird weather in the south bay. >> peninsula is getting hit right now. around woodside, 280, pretty good rain south of redwood city. be very careful because the showers are hit and miss. if you are traveling at a higher elevation, rain-snow mix east of morgan hill. the moisture no a whole lot less but what is left is sinking south. that is why we're looking at the south bay, peninsula, parts of the east bay looking at very slick roadways. 31 in fairfield. everyone much, much colder this morning but we will look at an area of low pressure to sink
6:38 am
southward. the warmup, the wind is going to back off but we will see highs below the average. numbers mainly in the upper 50s to near 60. warmup comes over the weekend. mid-60s tomorrow, upper 60s on on sunday but increasing clouds sunday night into monday in the north bay. then we'll see a string of fair weather with high temperatures right where they should be through next week. >> it's going to be tough ride out of east bay toward the bay bridge because of an injury crash. block the left lane. you can see bridge crews telling folks to avoid the left lane approaching treasure island. this accident has been out for the last 20 minutes. traffic is backing up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's past the 880 overcrossing. it's a good 15 minute plus the
6:39 am
extra time to cross the span. san mateo bridge probably a better bet although they are clearing a stalled bread truck from the middle lanes right now. check out the north bay commute, heading toward the golden gate bridge, no problems out of marin county. in the south bay, slick roads, be careful. here is a live shot where headlights are northbound 280 and that is highway 17. >> eric: stalled bread truck, all we need a stalled ham and cheese truck. >> trading is underway at the wall street. live look, dow is up about 30 points. >> the aging east bay building that is going to get blown to bits today. >> and four new reasons to smile in san jose, the famed falcon family just got bigger.
6:40 am
>> pulling an all-nighter before the government can shut down. i'm emily schmidt in washington. >> how do you plan a home opener for world series champions? i'm amy hollyfield live at at&t park. i'll have a preview of the home @ @ @ @ @ @aaaaaaaaaaaaaa)awltt
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good friday morning, a cold for the weekend but moisture in the air. but today, chilly, upper 50s in monterey with at the, snow showers in the northern sierra.
6:44 am
showers in southern california. 58 in los angeles and warmer temperatures coming right up. >> kristen: more fallout from the disaster in japan. all kind of debris swept up by the tsunami is now floating in the pacific and making their way slowly to our coast. sailors from the seventh fleet say they've seen cars and furniture and even floating houses. the debris including remnants from 200,000 homes is moving with currents toward washington state, then oregon and washington. scientists say a year from tomorrow we'll begin to see things that easily float, boats and plastic toys. >> eric: there is word that nato jet have attacked tanks from moammar gadhafi forces. they have no previous
6:45 am
information that rebels were using tanks. at least five rebel fighters were used and they will not apologize for the deaths. the fluid is making it tough for nato forces to distinguish the difference between the forces. >> kristen: a budget deal is trying to be reached in washington. by a live count down, a little more than 14 hours to go. president obama is have insists he wants an answer by this morning. a shutdown would directly affect hundreds of thousands of workers. >> reporter: four white house meetings in four days and still no deal. now, the budget deal is hours away. president obama expects an answer early this morning. >> i'm not about to express wild optimism but i think we are
6:46 am
further along than we were yet. >> senate majority leader harry reid said work would continue through the night. the spending cut range is 34 and $38 billion a major sticking point in federal funding of planned parenthood. if there is no deal paychecks stop for federal workers and military families get back pay only when the government reopens. >> president obama cancelled a trip to indiana to focus on the budgeted negotiations. the government shutdown mechanism is already moving with federal agencies preparing to shut down at midnight. zblooshs economists are warning about the impact of a government shutdown. >> eric: there appears to be a spat brewing between best buy and apple. jane king has money scope report.
6:47 am
good morning to you. an economist of mood disthe direct cost of lost income to federal workers and contractors would be $6 billion a week. and consumer confidence could take a hit. biggest deciding factor would be how long the government would be closed. here on trading right now we are positive across the board. dow and s&p 500, according to wall street they don't seem to be worried about it. bloomberg index is unchanged. google shares, they managed to get approval from antitrust regulators for acquisition to a software to monitor parts of the separation but ordered to do the deal. google plans to grow in the online airfare business. larry page and changes. they are shaking things up
6:48 am
despite the urgency that innovation that google once known for. >> best buy having a spat over ipad 2. they are completely out of stock in every best buy store nationwide and not available to the website. apple got "nationwide because they say they were out and reached their quota for the day. they have banned best buy from selling ipad 2's for now. >> live from the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king. >> eric: thank you very much. have a great weekend. >> kristen: a former navy hospital in oakland will fall to pieces if everything goes as planned. old naval hospital is being rigged with explosives for an impression explosion scheduled for noon today.
6:49 am
concrete is lined with asbestos which has to be cleared out for master planned housing and retail project on the site. >> weather shouldn't be a factor for the implosion but it might be in the south bay. >> sometimes the debris and winds. >> a few random renegade showers out there but things will be stabilizing. 6:48 and we will see a warmer weekend. so in the north bay, it's clear and we're looking at cold conditions, but elsewhere, still a few showers. live doppler 7 hd, rain-snow mix in the higher elevations, down to redwood city and woodside you are looking at a shower. roadway are wet, slick, maybe black ice out there. morgan hill you may see black
6:50 am
ice. colder air is in place, we are looking at the rain-snow mix. with the most of the time of the moisture is going to continue today and clearer conditions to the north. most of the activity is offshore and lingering area of low pressure just going to stick around a little bit longer. then we'll get into a slightly warmer weekend. 31 in fairfield. 38 in santa rosa. you had some showers. san jose, things are quieting down for you. everybody is much colder this morning. that cold air mass is in place all due to an area of low pressure. you can see the rotation. it is sinking to the south and east of us taking the moisture with it. high pressure is building in and that is going to allow for clearer conditions and warming conditions. that is the low. much of the activity down to the west and south of us but keep in mind you may see a stray shower
6:51 am
out there. 59 in santa clara. 60 los gatos. peninsula, upper 50s, cool for you. breezy along the coast. 54 pacifica. san francisco later on today, that is your high, 57 degrees. a little warmer than yesterday and we won't have that gusty wind. winds coming in around 20 miles an hour. 60 in sonoma as well as oakland so increasing sunshine. over the hills, 58 in pleasanton. cold one tonight, 60s tomorrow. upper 60s on sunday. mostly dry with showers chances in the north bay come sunday, monday morning and then thursday. good morning, lisa. injury accident on bay bridge has finally been cleared. so the left lane is now open. traffic is starting to move a bit on the incline section as you can see from this live shot.
6:52 am
of course there is going to be a back-up on the bay bridge toll plaza past the 880 overcrossing. it's possibly 20 minute wait at this point. bart no longer reporting delays. mass transit is all back on time. it's a good way if you are heading to the giants opener. caltrain is a great option, as well. san mateo bridge earlier stall cleared so westbound traffic flowing well as you make your way toward foster city. 101 and 880. northbound 880. they reported a large metal plate that may be damaging cars. in contra costa, the sonoma county looks fine but there is slowing out of antioch. get traffic whenever you want it by going to >> kristen: thanks a lot san jose city hall has a new
6:53 am
resident. a falcon chick hatched. this is the city hall falcon cam. they are holding a contest for the name for the chick. fine out how to enter at >> recapping top stories, wild weather may have played a crash that sent a highway patrol officer to the hospital. >> kristen: terry mcsweeney is live with details. >> reporter: this story is a weather traffic and near tragedy all rolled into one. part of the reason for this possible tragedy, almost tragedy is still here on the ground. we still have the results of a hailstorm, this came down around 2:00 this morning about the same time as the crash. take a look at video we have of a black superior court pickup truck.
6:54 am
this was about 2:00 in the morning. hailstorm was coming down full tilt. a chp officer helps the guy in the pickup truck when a white car comes along and hits the chp officer. he suffered a broken leg and injuries to his face but these are non life-threatening injuries. he is still at the hospital. chp has more details but the white car's driver was taken into custody. as you can see by my breath, it's very cold down here on this nearly second week of april. amy hollyfield is hanging out at the ballpark.
6:55 am
>> it's easy to get caught up in giants fever today. home opener, you might want to think about putting on orange and black today. we got to see this, trophy is home. they have a special place for it behind home plate today. fans are already out here, even though the game doesn't start until 1:35. there was a couple that got here a little before 5:00 this morning. home openers are always fun but this one has more significance. we are welcoming home the world champions. team officials say there was more, they have them to sing the national anthem and unfurl the banner and also surprises planned. game is at 1:but gates will open
6:56 am
at 10:35. they would like you to be in your seat by 12:45 so you'll be ready and in place to watch the ceremonies. >> kristen: other top story, jurors in the barry bonds perjury trial begin deliberations this morning. they heard four and a half hours of closing arguments yesterday. he is accused of making false statements that he never knowingly took steroids and we will interrupt programming when the verdict is announced. keep it tuned to "abc 7 news." >> final check on weather and traffic. >> showers continue to pop up. the parkway here in the east bay also on the peninsula so our best chance of rain south and east of san francisco with partly cloudy and cool. breezy at the ballpark. 57. 60 in oakland, 59 in san jose. so today, cooler than average. isolated shower in the morning.
6:57 am
cold night tonight. increasing sun. up to five degrees warmer and warmer on the sunday. otherwise it's like a string of fair skies with a nice sunny afternoon. >> hot spot this had been the bay bridge because of an earlier injury accident. you can see that car trying to sneak out of the car-pool lane. it's backed up past the 880 overcrossing. if you want to avoid all that and want to take mass transit. bart is no longer reporting delays. other mass transit systems are looking good. >> eric: you are not hint that go some people may take date off to go to the game? thank you for joining us. >> kristen: maybe walk there. have a great time however you get there. go giants. >> have a great weekend. bye-bye.
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